Phone Systems
How a new Cisco IP phone system helped
a small doctor's office improve productivity.

Choosing the right phone system is essential for all businesses because it's how we communicate with partners, affiliates and customers. 

The process of choosing a phone system can be complicated and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. 

You just need to understand a few key principles and you need to have right partner on your side!

Whether you operate a small business or large corporation, your business telephone system holds a great deal of power in how you are perceived by your customers.  

If your customers cannot easily communicate with you, you will not be able to sell your products leading to decreased productivity. 

On the other hand, the right telephone system can enhance the perceived value of your business in the eyes of your customers and lead to increased productivity by your employees.

When choosing the right business phone system, remember that it is not only about the actual cost, but how your company is perceived which will result in a greater long-term value for your company.  

When you consider the bigger picture – the true values of an office phone system begin to reveal themselves when you consider how the phone system will positively affect your business.

Cisco Smart Business

Cisco Smart Business Communications System


altEverything you need to serve your communications needs—from data and voice to video and wireless—can be found in the Cisco Smart Business Communications System. 

This system supports:

  • Integrated communication: Quickly set up voice, data, video, and wireless services for a new way to reach, serve, and retain customers
  • Easy access to information: Offer secure communications access to remote workers and branch offices
  • Simple set-up: Take advantage of simple applications for set-up, management, and monitoring
    Security: Give employees access to the company network and important data while protecting against viruses and other threats

altThe most satisfied customers are those who have easy access to your company 24 hours a day. Linking your customer information to a Cisco voice and data network can help you increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Immediately identifying incoming callers. When customers call, their records pop up on a computer screen. Now your employees have everything they need to quickly address customer inquiries.
  • Viewing other employees' phone status. Don't know the answer to a customer's question? You can quickly determine whether or not the right person to help them is available. You'll save time—and provide more attentive customer service.
  • Understanding call patterns. Managers can easily see data for caller wait times and abandoned calls, so they can identify where additional training, hiring, or other improvements may be needed.

altWork more efficiently. Do more with less. Take productivity to the next level.

Cisco Small Business Solutions can help your teams be more productive through better collaboration.

Here's how:

  • Don't just tell; show. When unveiling a new product to a remote sales team, turn a regular call into a video call for maximum impact.
  • Easily bring people together to solve problems. Need to call an urgent meeting? With just a few clicks, quickly find out who's available and set up conference calls or online meetings. Access customer information wherever you are, so you can easily work with colleagues to resolve issues quickly.
  • Stay connected to mobile workers. With multiple channels of communication always available—and the ability to see who is available and how to contact them—being out of the office no longer means being out of the loop.

Getting Started

Asheville Phone SystemAdvanced Data will certainly be able to assist you with the specific features and needs for your business, but nobody knows your business needs better than you do! 
A few questions to consider before discussing your needs with us include:
  1. How many phone lines and phone handsets do you need right now?
    • Add up the number of employees you currently have considering growth in the near future. Be sure to include lines for fax machines, modems, and credit card terminals if applicable.  
  2. What are your future expansion goals?
    • Whether you plan to grow proactively or wish to remain relatively small over a period of many years, take note of this as it is important in your decision.  
    • If you think you will add more employees to your payroll and additional work stations over the next couple of years, consider this in your decision. 
    • It is always better to overestimate and have more capacity than needed than to underestimate and customers receive a busy signal.  Failing to plan for future growth today can prove to be a costly mistake tomorrow  
  3. What accessories and options do you need?
    • Features such as call forwarding, caller-id, one-touch dialing, on-hold music, conferencing, voicemail and speakerphone are pretty much standard these days, but there are new features that you may not be aware of:  
      • For instance, with Voice over IP ( VoIP) workers can take a phone home or to a branch office and appear on the system with all your other phones.
      • Or with single number reach your customer can call one number and it will call both your office phone and cell phones at the same time so that you can be reached no matter where you are!
      • Your voicemails can be directed to your email box as an attached sound file so that you can check all your messages in one place.


 Call us today and we'll bring a phone system to your office to see and use!

Phone System Rental

Asheville Telephone SystemsBusiness phone systems are a must in running a successful company, but owning a phone system is not always the best choice for a growing businesses.  

A rental or lease could be the perfect solution for your Asheville or Western North Carolina business.

With our business phone systems you are offered flexible phone system applications that are capable of adaptation and growth with your unique business requirements.

Advantages of leasing or renting a phone system include:

  • Expanding companies are allowed flexibility to upgrade their phone systems when needed to accommodate expansion, so no worrying about possibly buying too small of a system.
  • System upgrades are free, so if a newer technology or product is released then our customers can opt to get the latest system or software.
  • The rental covers replacement of damaged or faulty equipment.
  • Cost of maintenance, installation, training and servicing your phone system are covered for the term of the renewal period.