IT Assist

altAlready have an IT Department? We play well with others!

Let us enable your team to do more by adding resources, insight and efficiency while saving you money. Did you know…

The average company spends 70% of its IT budget on maintaining current operations and only 30% on new development. (Information Week, June 2008)

Why? Because managing IT is growing increasingly complex by the day and there's no amount of hiring that can crack that nut. 

Advanced Data can help you flip that ratio and get more of your IT budget and time back where it belongs - on growth building business projects and initiatives.  

Why hire additional system engineers when you can have our entire team, network operations center, enterprise management tools and a CIO-level partner for less?  Flip that HR headache and capital expenditure into a tax-friendly operational expense and make your IT department more efficient in the process!

Leverage our Resources!

We have invested heavily in our IT tools including a world-class ticketing solution so that nothing slips through the cracks and everyone is held accountable.  Track your technicians time the same way we do and discover where their time is being spent. 

If your staff is ever involved in a project that is beyond their skill-set or if they’re swamped with work the tickets can be escalated seamlessly into our system so that we can assist with the work.


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