Data Backup Services

Asheville Backup SolutionsNever worry about backups again.

Our offsite backup solution can provide automatic backups of your company data at regular time intervals or even continuous data protection (CDP) so that any change is backed up immediately! 

In the event of a disaster we can mount your backups and have your organization up and running in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. Our service provides:

Two types of daily backups for each server
The first type of backup is an offsite file-level backup so that in the event of a physical disaster to your facility your data will be safe.  In the event of a disaster we can prepare a temporary disaster recovery server to deliver to your temporary site or we can host your data in our datacenter until your office has recovered from the disaster.

The second type of backup is a hard drive clone or image that is stored on a virtualized platform that we keep onsite at your facility.  These hard drive images can be mounted and booted on our onsite appliance in the event of a major hardware failure or your servers.  This will allow business to continue to function until the hardware issue is resolved.

Support for Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL, Oracle, etc
Most online backup services support file backups only and don't perform low-level clones of the hard drives.  Also most services do not support advanced file structures such as databases and other multi-transactional type files.  Our solution will cover any and all of your data!

Personal touch on remote service
The restoration of hard drives from other online services can take days to download with next business day hard drive delivery as the best option available.  

However, with Advanced Data backup services, if you are in Asheville or Western North Carolina we can get the data to your location in the amount of time it takes us to copy your data to a hard drive and drive to your office.  We will also assist you and your IT staff in a smooth recovery of your systems.  We also have a stock of server parts so that if you have failed components we are well equiped to help drive a speedy restoration of services.

Other features include:

  • Backups of important files and folders, supports creation of multiple backup sets.
  • Full 256 bit encryption ensures data privacy and security compliance
  • Support for System State, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Lotus Domino/Notes, Oracle, MySQL, open file support.
  • Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/2003, Apple OS 10.2 or higher, Linux kernel 2.4 or higher, Solaris 2.x or higher, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD.
  • Compression and incremental backups maximize bandwidth.
  • Online portal for recovery and reporting
  • Email alerting for successful and failed backups

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