Real Estate

Technology affects every aspect of the way people live, learn, work and play.  However, today's building environments are largely obsolete and haven't evolved to support these changing lifestyles.   

In addition, key trends are driving the need for building transformation - trends such as globalization of the workforce, the drive for environmental and social responsibility and a growing worldwide population. As user requirements evolve, building designs must adapt and change. 

altReal estate professionals must take steps to transform the physical spaces of the future through technology innovation, delivering value-added, revenue generating services that help streamline building development processes.

Serving construction and real estate professionals, we can help you implement solutions that are able to flex, adapt and evolve to help businesses expand and grow. 

Advanced Data has partnered with Cisco to provide real estate solutions that positon the "Network as the Platform." This concept will ultimately facilitate the transformation of the real estate industry. 

Connecting all stakeholders to one network helps create a seamless, coordinated relationship between businesses and customers.  The network becomes an intelligent building infrastructure and the foundation for change in any development project - adding value to education, financial services, healthcare, commercial real estate, hospitality and corporate real estate projects. 

This intelligent building infrastructure creates an unprecedented opportunity for improved services, enhanced processes and cost-effective operations for everyone who uses or creates buildings throughout the world.  




Last Updated on Thursday, 05 August 2010 14:50