How a legal firm leverages technology.

Technology is bridging the competitive divide between companies of any size and across all industries.

This is particularly true in the legal services arena where tight economic conditions are driving clients in need of legal assistance to search for more personalized service at a lower cost.

Clients are finding this personalized service in the offices of smaller law firms. The influx of new clientele is prompting smaller firms to find ways to maximize their productivity and streamline their operations to increase their caseload capacity.

In recent studies:

  • Enterprise Management Associates reported that 80% of organizations don’t know what IT systems or software they have installed or how to manage them.


  • The Gartner Group estimated that poor IT management alone increases the total cost of IT ownership by 7–10% a year.

altIt’s no surprise that Gartner and other research firms estimate that the right IT partner can reduce the product selection, procurement, implementation, maintenance and management costs of small organizations by 20–30%.

This can mean great cost savings. Coupled with clear, competent strategic guidance this can help make IT management challenges much less overwhelming.