Differentiate your lodging with technology!

In the highly competitive, guest-focused hospitality environment your people need to deepen their relationships with customers and they need tools to continue to operate efficiently.

Some of the most critical challenges in the business include:

  • 360-degree view of your guest: To serve guests better, you need to track their personal preferences, the transactions they engage in, their loyalty to your property and so on. To get this holistic perspective all of your back-end systems must talk to one another and be easily accessed by front-line personnel.


  • Technology that differentiates you from the other properties in town: Competition is fierce. You’ve got to deliver a superior guest experience. Technology is certainly the key enabler for empowering both staff and guests to drive a personalized, rich guest experience.


  • altChoice in technology solutions: You don’t want your hands tied by legacy systems where you’re stuck with applications that aren’t best-of-breed, are difficult to extend and don’t talk with one another. 
  • Scalability is a must, too: As the industry becomes more global and brands become more transparent the industry needs technologies that can run a smaller property as well as a full-scale, 5,000-plus room resort.
  • Finally, the industry demands easier implementation: Neither staff members nor guests should put up with IT frustration. If it’s not intuitive, familiar and hassle-free you might as well forget it.  If your employees don't use it, nothing else matters. 


Last Updated on Thursday, 05 August 2010 14:49